Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yookyung Profile

A Pink Member


Real Name : Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경)
Stage Name : Yookyung (유경)
Nickname : Francheska, Wooyu (Milk), Tofu
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate : September 22, 1994
Height : 167 cm
Weight : 51 kg
Blood Type : AB
Education : Busok Elementary School, Sehwa Girls' Middle School, Hyundai High School - Seoul Performing Arts High School
Specialty : Piano, English
Hobbies : Playing Piano / Viola, Doing sudoku puzzles.
Favorite Food : Bread, Cheese, and Western Food
Favorite Color : All
Favorite Number : 2
Label : A Cube Entertainment

Hong Yoo Kyung (홍유경) or people generally known as Yookyung (유경) is member of South Korea girl group A Pink. Yookyung was born in Seoul, South Korea on September 22, 1994. In 2011, Yookyung introduced as the member of A Pink. Yookyung became the fifth member who was introduced by A Cube Entertainment  through an online video where she was playing the piano. 

In April 19, 2011 A Pink relesed their first mini album titled "Seven Springs of A Pink" and I Don't Know (Mollayo / 몰라요) music video. On April 21, 2011 Yookyung and her group A Pink debuted with their single debut I Don't Know (Mollayo / 몰라요) on Mnet's M! Countdown. Before debut with A Pink, at the age of 11 years Yookyung Have made ​​an unofficial debut through a children’s CD and a song called “hae tae story”.

Yookyung is f(x) Sulli’s classmate for 2 years. Yookyung lived in USA for two years when she was still in elementary school. She also was a Cheerleader there during her elementary school days. According to various sources, A Pink’s Hong Yoo Kyung is the daughter of Hong Ha Jong, a CEO of a big manufacturing company, DSR Corporation. The company manufactures products like wire rope and hard steel wire, which are used to assemble cars and ships. It is said that the total company profits of 2010 was around $150,000,000 USD. Hong Yoo Kyung’s house was revealed on a television program, and boasted of a luxurious interior design and large space. Although her father was a wealthy businessman, Yookyung's agency stated like all other artists, Yookyung went through the trainee process to become a singer.

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