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Taemin Profile

SHINee Member


Real Name : Lee Tae Min (이태민)
Stage Name : Taemin (태민)
Nickname : Maknae, Power Taem, Taem, Taeminnie, Dancing Machine, Handy Boy Taemin
Occupation : Dancersingeractor, model
Birthplace : Dongbong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate : July 18, 1993
Height : 175cm
Weight : 50Kg
Bloodtype : B
Hobbies/Skills : Listening Music, Popping Dance, Piano, Chinese, Guitar
Family : Parents, older brother
Favorite Color : White, Yellow, Red
Favorite Food : Steak/Beef
Favorite Artists : Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake

Lee Tae Min (이태민) or people generally known as Taemin (태민) is maknae (the youngest in Korean) of South Korea boyband SHINee. Despite being the youngest, he still is considered the lead dancer because he is the most good in terms of dance among the other members of SHINee. He has always been praised for his skills from such a young age. Taemin was born in Dongbong-gu, Seoul, South Korea on July 18, 1993. Taemin joined at SM Entertainment after he auditioned at the 2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting. Taemin training in SM Entertainment since she was a first grade in junior high class. In 2008, Taemin put into group SHINee. On May 25, 2008 Taemin with his band SHINee debuted with their single debut 'Replay' on SBS Inkigayo.

Originally Taemin went to Chung Dam High School, but to accommodate his hectic schedule for Shinee’s Japanese advancement, Taemin transferred to Seoul Arts High School on March 2011. Taemin is a friend of EXO-K's Kai. Taemin attended Seoul Arts High School the same school with f(x) Sulli, Miss A Suzy, Jo twins, and several other artists.  In February 2012, he graduated but was unable to make it to the ceremony due to SHINee activities. Taemin is an innocent child, but because it innocence, when he went to school in Chung Dam High School, Taemin often bullied by his schoolmates because he was an artist. Therefore Taemin often bring lunch from home and eat alone.

In 2009, Taemin played "Goodbye my Love" on piano with 8Eight singing. In the same year Taemin debuted as an actor with his first television drama sitcom "Taehee-Hyegyo-Jihyun!" as Lee Junsu. In 2010, Taemin rapped "Introduce Me a Good Person“ with his bandmate Key and label mate Girls Generation Yoona for Girls' Generation 1st Asian Tour “Into The New World” in Shanghai. In 2011, Taemin was cast in television drama Moon Night 90 Kim Sung Jae together with Key. Taemin has also appeared in several television dramas as a cameo, for example in Athena: Goddess of War, High Kick! 3, and Salamander Guru and The Shadows. In December 2011, Taemin took part in voice acting for animated movie called Koala Kid: Birth of A Hero" with fellow labelmate Girls' Generation's Sunny. He played role as main character, Johnny a white koala turned hero. In 2012, Tarmin had a special stage performance with Korean Singer IU. They sang GeeJuliette, and Hello with acoustic version for the "Korean Music Wave In Bangkok".

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