Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kim Ji Soo Discography

Korean Singer


  • May 27thMini Album : Kim Ji Soo 1st Mini Album
    Track List :
    1. High end song (명품 노래)
    2. Miss You so
    3. Friday
    4. Chocolate Drive
    5. Fallin' in love right away (금방 사랑에 빠지다) (Song & Lyrics by Kim Jisoo)
       6.  Riddles (수수께끼) - Kim Ji Soo feat 요조 
  • November 8th, Compilation Album : SuperStarK2 Up To 11
    1. The Dreamers (SuperStarK2 Top11)
    2. Young Mr. (어린 아저씨)
    3. Cinderella (Super Week ver.) (Kim Jisoo & Jang Jaein)
    4. Cinderella (김&장 Studio ver.) (Kim Jisoo & Jang Jaein)
    5. As love passes by (사랑이 지나가면)

  • May 30th, Mini Album :Kim Ji Soo 2nd Mini Album
    Track List
    1. 필요
    2. Vintage Man
    3. 고백
    4. 어린 아저씨(보사노바)
    5. Romantic Stalker
       6.  Sunflower (해바라기)

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